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Goodies for nurses – Leading stockists of nurse accessories, supplies and nursing equipment online

About ten years ago, as an ENP working in an A & E Department, I "consumed" scissors. They either became blunted through cutting plaster or were "lost". To get satisfactory replacements meant a minimum order of a large quantity to avoid postage, which I used to compile with the help of colleagues. I decided to import scissors directly from the manufacturers and sell them myself.

As this was so successful, I decided to add some special pen+torches to my range of scissors and I have now added many other nurse accessories and nursing equipment, both useful and fun.

Goodies for Nurses was the first website run by a practising nurse offering professional, useful and fun nursing equipment and nurse accessories. Being hands on, we know what Nurses need and what they should avoid. Working in a busy general hospital, we are in touch with the changing needs of Nurses. We listen to what our colleagues say and, where necessary, design and have products manufactured.

Goodies for Nurses was the first company to market silicone based watches for Nurses and to market fun watches at reasonable prices. We were the first company to convert key-ring watches to Nurses watches and to create fun watches like the Daisy watch (now much copied). You will know if you have the genuine article and the 12-month guarantee that goes with it if it has GfN (our trademark) on the dial.

Goodies for Nurses were the first company to design cheerful tourniquets, with at least one new design being created every year.

For more information on our wide range of nurse accessories and nursing equipment, please call 01276 22834.