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Colour :
£ 19.99
SpragueLite™ The SpragueLite contains all the diagnostic functions of the traditional five-in-one Sprague-Rappaport but with significantly less weight. 

This stethoscope is ideal for a student or someone who might work in different specialities who would otherwise need a variety of head pieces.

Features include Thick Walled Tubing and threaded soft ear tips for improved sound clarity. 

Accessories included:
  • Soft PVC ear tips
  • Adult and paediatric diaphragms
  • Paediatric disc and diaphragm assembly
  • Paediatric and infant bells
Overall length and weight is approximately 32in and 140g. 

Prestige offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  

Colours available:
  • 1 - Black
  • 4 - Burgundy
  • 3 - Hot Pink
  • 2 - Navy
  • 5 - Purple