Purfect Pouch

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The Purfect pouch has been designed with veterinary nurses in mind, giving you the ability to have pens, scissors, tape, bandages, information sheets and more close to hand. Our Purfect instrument pouch has the following benefits; Extendable belt 55-116cm (22-46") Maximum 42" waist 15(w) x 21cm(h) Water resistant 1 Carabiner clip 1 Plastic clip 2 loops - 1 with popper 9 pockets 2 x 13.5(w) x 12cm(h) 1 x 13.5(w) x 9cm(h) 3 x 13.5(w) x 11cm(h) 1 x 13.5(w) x 13.5cm(h) 2 x 13.5(w) x 15.5cm(h) - 1 with zip