Lots to Remember Cards - Obstetric Emergencies

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These products have been exclusively developed by an experienced team of nurses & practitioners with over 35 years experience of paediatric nursing, general nursing and midwifery. We know what you need to help you every day. Kept in the pocket they are fully washable, durable and the unique design enables easy updates as protocols change. Each set comes complete with a pocket lanyard and is held together by a strong linked chain which enables you to easily add or remove cards. Obstetric Emergency Datacards (W 8.5cm x H 5.2cm x D 1.9cm) covers the following topics: 1. Magnesium sulphate regime/observations 2. Shoulder dystocia, incl. mnemonic for management 3. Postpartum Haemorrhage 4. Undiagnosed breech delivery 5. Umbilical cord prolapse 6. Management of adult resuscitation - maternal collapse 7. Management of resuscitation in pregnancy 8. Basic adult life support 9. Advanced adult life support 10. Newborn Resuscitation 11. Stillbirth and late miscarriage, guidelines for care 12. Treatment of DVT and PE