Lots to Remember Cards - General Nursing

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LTR pocket sized data cards are manufactured using durable, easily cleaned plastic for ease of use. Each set comes complete with a pocket lanyard, with a crocodile clip for attaching to tunic pockets, and is held together by a strong linked chain which enables you to easily add or remove cards as you require. This new edition set is peer reviewed and revised by experienced nurses and the 25 double sided plastic cards are invaluable to keep up to date with the ever-changing practices within health care provision. Clinical Observations Temperature Pulse Points Clinical Observations Respiration Classification for Patterns of Respiration 'MUST' Nutritional Risk Assessment Tool Body Mass Index and conversion Waterlow Score - Risk Assessment Tool EPUAP Grading Tool 2006 Stages of Pressure Ulcer Grading Score What Wound Type - Dressing Options Trauma Scoring Glasgow Coma Scale Scoring Normal Adult Arterial Blood Gas Values and interpretation Normal Adult Blood Levels - Haematology and Bio Chemistry levels Vacutainer System Blood Bottle Collection S-Monovette Guide Colour Codes Guidelines for overdose/substance abuse Paracetamol Overdose - Treatment Levels Blood Transfusion Key Facts Management of DVT/PE/MI Treatment of DVT and PE (DVT with or without PE) Warfarin Loading Schedule Guidelines for Anticoagulant Time Reaction & Effects of Street Drugs Position of Chest Leads for Recording ECG Normal Cardiac Cycle Anaphylactic Reaction - Response and treatment Basic Life Support Guidelines Advance Adult Life Support Mental Health Index to Conditions Data card pack size: W 8.5cm x H 5.2cm x D 1.9cm