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Measuring Devices

Paediatric Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
The C52 paediatric finger tip pulse oximeter has been specifically designed for use on paediatrics, although it can be used on adults as well. The finger placement area is smaller than that of a normal finger-tip device allowing a better seal to be made around the child's finger ensuring an accurate reading. 
3 year guarantee 
30 hours continuous use 
Requires 2 x AAA batteries 
Suitable for adult and paediatrics 
Auto power down and low battery indicator 
OLED displays Sp02, PR, pulse bar and plethysmogram 
Batteries and lanyard supplied.
Nurse Assist Clipboard

Clock, timer, alarm and calculator.

Constructed of heavy duty ASB plastic.

Dimensions 13.5 x 9inch.

Jaeger Eye Chart

Measures near vision.

Dimensions 17.5cm x 12cm

BMI Wheel
This BMI wheel is made from durable plastic and is just under 11 cm in diameter.
Soft Pink Calculator
Soft Calculator, Solar and Battery,
EDD Wheel
This EDD wheel is made from durable plastic and is just under 11cm in diameter.
Cardio Meter
Handy pocket-sized Cardio Meter helps with EKG interpretation and heart rate intervals.

Made from heavy-gauge clear plastic. 
Snellen Pocket Eye Chart
The Snellen Pocket Eye Chart is used to measure visual acuity at a distance. It's intended to be placed 6 feet from the viewer. 

Also features a pupil guage and 6 inch ruler on reverse side.

Chart dimensions are 18.5cm x 10cm. 
A handy tool every nurse needs! The MediMeter is hole punched to keep close for reference and is made from
heavy-gauge clear plastic. 

  • rulers with both inches and centimeters 
  • pupil dilation gauge
  • imprinted wound diameter gauge

Goniometer 20.5 cms - 8"
This Protractor Goniometer is designed to measure the range of motion in joints. 

  • Measures a full 360' range in single degree increments
  • Large easy-read protractor
  • Measures in inches and centimetres
  • Made from heavy-gauge clear plastic
  • Conforms to ISOM measuring standards
Pain Assessment Card.

Pocket sized Pain assessment card from Prestige Medical.

Using Wong-Baker Faces pain scale.