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Prestige Veterinary Clinical 1 Stethoscope

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Prestige Veterinary Clinical 1 StethoscopeHigh performance and outstanding acoustics are the hallmark of the Prestige Veterinary Clinical 1, By using a stainless steel chestpiece and stainless steel binaurals, the Veterinary Clinical 1 incorporates the most effective sound conducting metal available. The stethoscope was designed with Veterinary professionals in mind and features longer thick walled single tubing. An alloy sound conductor inside the tubing provides a clear transmission of sound. The Veterinary Clinical 1 includes two sizes of eartips which seal out extraneous noise while providing superior comfort. An easy to use snap-on rim and diaphram help make this stethoscope an outrstanding performer and an extra diaphram is included.

Available in Black, Navy and Purple
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