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Littmann Select Stethoscopes

Littmann  Select Stethoscopes
This Select stethoscope features a convenient tuneable diaphragm in a single-sided, coated-alloy chest piece providing reliable and clear acoustics. 

The tuneable diaphragm also allows the user to alternate between bell and diaphragm modes by applying simple pressure on the chest piece. 

The clear acoustics offer an advantage to healthcare professionals when listening to heart, lung and blood pressure sounds. 

Colours available:
  • 1 - Burgundy
  • 2 - Peach
  • 3 - Lilac - Discontinued
  • 4 - Ceil Blue
  • 5 - Ocean Blue
  • 6 - Pine
  • 7 - Royal Blue
  • 8 - Purple
  • 9 - Caribbean Blue
Goodies for Nurses offers a free engraving on this Littmann stethoscope. Just type the name you require into the box provided on the shopping cart page. Due to limited space on the stethoscope, please ensure that you do not exceed the number of letters and spaces that is specified. 

Please note that if you DO NOT wish to have an engraving on your stethoscope then you should type NONE into the box provided.