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Bargain Basement

Prestige - Filled Professional Pocket Organiser
5-Pocket Organiser made of 420 Denier Nylon in White.

Comes filled with Prestige kit of:
  • Bandage scissors
  • 3-colour pen
  • Disposable pen torch

Kit-contents available colours:
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Pink
(-33.33%)  9.00
ID Holder - Giraffe Print
From the USA

De-Luxe retractable ID holder with giraffe print pattern.

Approx. 2cm x 2cm

(-79.90%)  2.00
ID Holder - Leopard Print
From the USA

De-Luxe retractable ID holder in leopard 
print pattern.

Approx. 2cm x 2cm

(-79.90%)  2.00
Athenian Hand Moisturiser

Athenian Hygiene Natural Hand Moisturiser is the perfect way to silky soft skin using natural extracts and medically-approved ingredients, skin is healed and rejuvenated from within.  Feel the difference.


  • Super moisturising formula
  • Helps heal damaged hands and skin
  • Keeps hands and skin silky soft
  • Contains tea-tree oil extracts


Buy from our personal care distributors and retailers.

With tea-tree oil, naturally super silky soft hands and skin.

(-66.10%)  1.00
Athenian Hand Sanitiser Foam
Effective infection prevention

Provides hand hygiene that is more effective, more affordable and safer than the leading brands, lasting for up to 8 hours.

  • Kills 99.99% bacteria, fungi & viruses

  • Contains absolutely no alcohol

  • Foam based and powder free

  • Clinically compliant & tested

Available on NHS supply chain - NHS approved.

Now also effective against Norovirus

(-63.64%)  1.00
Light Blue Lanyard Marked NHS
Simple lanyard with plastic clips and breakaway.
(-80.00%)  0.50
Goniometer 30cms 12"
This Protractor Goniometer is designed to measure the range of motion in joints. 

  • Measures a full 360' range in single degree increments
  • Large easy-read protractor
  • Measures in inches and centimetres
  • Made from heavy-gauge clear plastic
  • Conforms to ISOM measuring standards
(-54.60%)  4.99
Value Pack of 10 Black Large Utility Scissors

What a bargain!!!

Why buy one pair of paramedic (large) utility scissors when you can get a whole value pack of 10 in one go?!

Length about 19 cms

All-purpose utility scissors

  • Black handles and safety tips.
  • Stainless steel blades
Buy the pack and save
(-49.15%)  15.00
Bristol Stool Chart Travel Mug + Air Freshener
Happily, all you'll smell from this fragrant gift set is vanilla from
the air freshener!

Our white travel mug has a matching white spout cover

The mug is especially designed to keep your tea 
or coffee warm whilst dealing with patien

Use with the top on or off. 

Features the Bristol Stool Chart 
(divided) on both sides.
(-32.89%)  6.00
Twin pack: GfN Tourniquet - White + Cartoons
White tourniquet with cartoon animals pattern + little flowers and hearts. 

Twin Pack ( 2 )

Slightly smaller length - 36 cms excluding clip
(Standard tourniquet 40 cms)

(-36.71%)  5.00
GfN Silver Ladybird Watch
The GfN silver Ladybird watch, specially made for us. Like all the GfN ladybird watches she has a Seiko movement with a clear dial with minute increments and a sweep second hand. The wings close and can be reopened by pressing the two antennae together.
(-49.75%)  5.00