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Ampuole Opener

Gripmate Lister Bandage Scissors 5.5inch

- Traditional Lister Bandage Scissors Design.

- Serrations in the handle are perfect for gripping and twisting.

- Hook for opening vials/ampuoles.

- Stainless Steel

- Antoclavable (143 degree's)

SnapIT Lite Regular (1-15mls)
Slim lightweight design. Used on a key ring, hung from a lanyard, or kept in your pocket, this is ideal as a personal safety item. Opens sizes 1-15ml ampoules. Avoid sharps injury with this personal ampuole opener. 
SnapIT Lite Large (5-25ml)

Sick of those stubborn little ampoules? Ampoule safety now comes in your colour! 

Colourful, lightweight plastic. pocket sized with keyring, opens size 5-25ml.

SnapIT Ampuole Opener - Trolley Edition
Has a flat side for convenience. Tuck it in a drawer, lay it on a bench top or trolley and it won't fall over or roll away. Ideal for all workplaces. Regular opens ampoules 1-15ml and Large opens 5-25mls.

Black = 1-15mls
Red = 5-25mls