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Measuring Devices

Age Calculation Chart  - 2017
Do you struggle to work out the age of your patient based on their year of birth?
Struggle no longer with this quick and easy age calculation chart!

Just find the year your patient was born in the left-hand column and read their
current age in the right-hand column. Simple!

Small BMI Tape
This handy BMI tape is about 6cm across. 

The tape itself is in cms.

BMI Wheel
This BMI wheel is made from durable plastic and is just under 11 cm in diameter.
EDD Wheel
This EDD wheel is made from durable plastic and is just under 11cm in diameter.
Cardio Meter
Handy pocket-sized Cardio Meter helps with EKG interpretation and heart rate intervals.

Made from heavy-gauge clear plastic. 
A handy tool every nurse needs! The MediMeter is hole punched to keep close for reference and is made from
heavy-gauge clear plastic. 

  • rulers with both inches and centimeters 
  • pupil dilation gauge
  • imprinted wound diameter gauge

Red Heart-Shaped BMI Tape Measure
Solid Plastic 1.5-metre red Heart-Shaped BMI tape measure with a white stop button.

Includes a weight (Kilograms) and height (Metres) indicators on the front. 
Goniometer 30cms 12"
This Protractor Goniometer is designed to measure the range of motion in joints. 

  • Measures a full 360' range in single degree increments
  • Large easy-read protractor
  • Measures in inches and centimetres
  • Made from heavy-gauge clear plastic
  • Conforms to ISOM measuring standards