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Just A... Stethoscope

Double Headset Training Stethoscope
The Dual Head Teaching Stethoscope has been designed specifically for training purposes. The Teaching Stethoscope features two binaural headsets coupled with high quality tubing to a single chest-piece, that allow teacher and student to listen to heart and chest sounds at the same time.
Basic Duel Head Stethoscope - Six Colours Available
Available in Six Colours. The duel head model is the same as our single head stethoscope except that it has a bell diaphragm on the chest piece.
Basic Single Head Stethoscope - 4 Colours
Available in Four Colours. These stethoscopes provide quality at an affordable price. The single head models have a diaphragm only on the chestpiece, ideal for use with a syhgmomanmeter cuff. Available in various colours.
Just A... Stethoscope
This Just A... stethoscope is an excellent choice for general auscultation. 

It features a dual-head with a lightweight aluminium chest piece and an inlaid non-chill ring. 

Accessories include:
  • Soft PVC ear tips
Overall length and weight is approximately 32 in and 107 g.

Colours available:
  • Black
  • Ceil
  • Navy
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Royal Blue