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Optima Pocket Ophthalmoscope in Pouch
The new Optima mini ophthalmoscope is durable, lightweight and supplied in a soft pouch. 

The long life halogen bulb offers a bright white light and provides crystal clear illumination in ophthalmic diagnostic procedures. 

The macular beam dioptres lenses are from 0 to +20 and 0 to -20. 

3 year guarantee
Laptop Decel Sticker ECG
  • High quality, self-adhesive vinyl
  • Easy application in minutes.
  • Can be easily removed and leaves no residue, do not damage surfaces. 3-5 years outdoors life
  • Ultra high-quality printing, precision-cut, full detail
5.5 Curved Dressing Scissors - SILVER"
5.5" Curved Dressing Scissors in Silver
Dental Nurse Tooth USB Flashdrive 8GB

  • Comes in clear plastic blister pack as shown making it a great gift
  • 8GB USB Flash Drive comes with a 2 Year warrenty
Neon Paisley Fob Watch
Stunning plastic fob watch with paisley pattern. Matching items available.
Stealth Finish Lister Bandage Scissors

A special stealth edition of the traditional Lister bandage scissor.

Made of stainless steel.

5.5 inch in length.

Gripmate Lister Bandage Scissors 5.5inch

- Traditional Lister Bandage Scissors Design.

- Serrations in the handle are perfect for gripping and twisting.

- Hook for opening vials/ampuoles.

- Stainless Steel

- Antoclavable (143 degree's)

Square Badge Reel - Zebra

Spinning alligator clip back allows ID to always hang straight.

36 inch retractable nylon cord.

Plastic snap holds any ID securely.

Pinard Stethoscope Aluminium
Pinard Stethoscopes remain a popular choice for midwives to listen to fetal heart sounds. Available in plastic, aluminium and wood.