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Clinical Pocket Reference: Neuro

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 Clinical Pocket Reference: NeuroNeurosciences Clinical Pocket Reference book provides support for a number of perspectives for practitioners caring for patients with neurological disorders.

This 44 page pocket-sized book fits comfortably into a pocket and provides instant access to information nurses need quickly every day. 

Coverage includes:
  • neurological danger signs and causes
  • introduction to the nervous system including physiology of nerve impulses, the peripheral and central nervous system, voluntary motor pathways and sensory pathways
  • assessment of the nervous system including Glasgow Coma Scale, the reflex arc, ABCDE, cranial nerve, sensory, coordination and pupil assessment 
  • neurological conditions including back pain, dementia, epilepsy, headaches, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and traumatic brain injury
Dozens of charts and illustrations are included.

The wipeable page surface allows nurses to make notes and remove them easily.